Monday, April 18, 2011

Sitepronews - Create On-Site Content that Provides Benefit

In the world of SEO and Internet marketing, content is the reigning king. Content comes in many forms - blogs, videos, articles, white papers, posts on social networking sites and more. It doesn't matter what kind of content your company is producing, as long as it is relevant, engaging and quality.
 Indeed, the Google Panda Update showed us that producing content that is anything less has the potential to negatively impact your website, aside from not providing any real benefit in the first place for you or your readers.

However, companies shouldn't just be focusing on the content they create that gets published offsite; they also need to focus just as much, if not more, on the content that fills their own pages.

All the SEO efforts in the world aren't going to provide any real advantage for a website if the site doesn't help itself. This means the site needs to be well-optimized, have a solid structure and contain content that provides real benefit to the readers and that helps convert traffic to leads or sales. Visitors to a site that hasn't taken the time to do these things often feel like they've been tricked into coming to the site. The link that got them there promised relevant information and instead they get a lot of generic, boring content. While having a large amount of traffic being directed to your site is great, seeing them go as fast as they arrived means something is wrong. Your site isn't measuring up and your page content is the most likely culprit.

Your website's content is what is going to convince visitors to stay and, hopefully, encourage them to act. So give them a reason to do just that. If a visitor comes to your site because they were looking for information, (perhaps an answer to a question) your content better give it to them. One way to make sure this happens is to create a FAQ page. Not only does the FAQ page provide answers for common questions people have about your company, it can have information about your industry in general.

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