Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fail Until You Succeed

How many of Jack's class failed doing their forms or breaking boards or sparring? All of them, many times over. Gentle correction from the instructor, try again. As part of Jack's final black belt testing, he had to come up with a staged self-defense skit with other kids his size. He and his partner tried about a dozen things in the weeks prior to the big day, each time failing, adjusting, getting creative, failing again, and changing tact one more time until finally-success!

I market my own business with this blog and my website mostly. I fail every day to get a conversion, or to get the copy right, or to finish the squeeze page the way I wanted. I post articles that I think are home runs and less than a dozen people read or re-tweet them. I just have this belief that sooner or later I will run out of ways to fail and find just the right mix to get the results I'm looking for. [No I'm not going to mention Thomas Edison-damn! Just did.]

So if you've gotten this far you'll realize that the Business Black Belt is not the Karate Black Belt or the Six Sigma Black Belt. It's not certified by a governing body. It's you as a business owner demonstrating the resolve, determination and discipline to follow the steps in this post to bust through your boards and achieve ultimate success.